Thursday, January 8, 2015

Flamingo Glove

One day when I was walking, I picked up a glove that had been orphaned on the sidewalk. It was bright pink.  As  I looked closer, I saw something about it that just tickled me.

Someone had decided to give two of the fingers -- just two, not all five -- a different color.  It was a beak!  This was a Flamingo Glove!  Wow!
Flamingo Glove looking at the snow.
I mean, how cute is that? I know, it would have been even better if the flamingo had eyes, but still, a beak. Hilarious!
I showed my new Flamingo Glove to all my friends.  And then one of them, before I could say "Look! It's a Flamingo!", said, "Oh, a texting glove."


How disappointing.

Sad Flamingo.

So I sewed on a button for an eye.  Because every Flamingo Glove needs an eye, right?
My Flamingo Glove is happy again.

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