Friday, October 24, 2014

Winning with board games

We bought random sets of board games for our young kids, long ago.

Here's one game we seldom played when the kids were young:  Hens and Chicks.  It's a game where you try to remove round pegs without jostling the other pegs on the board -- you lose your turn if the spring-loaded pusher moves in.

When the kids were little, we barely touched these games.  But now, they're a staple of the weekly Date Nights my daughters and I have set up for ourselves.  Boggle, Othello, Set, Connect 4,  Jenga, and Hens and Chicks:  they've all found their way off our shelves and onto the dining room table.

Whooda thunk that these kid's games would become the center of our grown-up gatherings?  But after all those years of letting the games gather dust, now I'm glad we had them sitting by, ready for use.  Score!

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