Monday, September 22, 2014

Scurvy knaves and piratical wenches

Look lively, mateys!  The Pirates have returned!

This past weekend, in what has become an annual Miser-Mom homage to Talk Like a Pirate Day, we hoisted the Jolly Roger (the skull-and-crossbones flag) and feasted together on a piratical dinner.

The pirate wenches went all out in costuming ourselves . . .
 . . . and with Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance playing to set the tone, we had our scavenger hunt for buried treasure.  The pirates searched here . . .
 . . . and there . . .
 . . . and everywhere, until they found the gold dubloons "buried" underneath the dining room table.
As usual, we were grateful to the Turkey Lady at our local market for providing the grub!

Arrr, Mateys!  Eat hearty!

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