Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What that woman said . . .

I was picking up my vegetables at the CSA drop the other day.  Another woman was there with her 3-year-old son, packing up their box.  She bent over to him and said in a voice that was meant to be overheard,
Andrew, that woman over there might not recognize me, but she taught me calculus twenty years ago!
Andrew was unimpressed, but of course I went right over to re-introduce myself, or actually, to have her remind me of who she was.  I somewhat remember the name, but there's no way I would have placed the face.  As I turned to go, she leaned over her son again and said,
And you know what, Andrew?  She taught me calculus while she was dressed in a cow costume!
Well, dang, now I'm sorry I gave that particular outfit away.


  1. You are way more exciting than I am.

    1. My husband hated that the udders showed. He thought they were obscene.

    2. In the first episode of Blues Clues, Steve draws udders on the picture of a cow...