Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Canning water sink declogger

Before I get to the Canning Water Sink De-clogger, I have two little words for you:
  1. pickled,
  2. kale.
Oh, my goodness, we are in love.  Pickled kale, pickled kale, pickled kale!  We used a recipe from Poor Taste Magazine; the basic idea is that you whip up a batch of brine, heat it to boiling, and then dip-and-release the kale.  If you can the kale as we did, it gets a tad soggier but no less delectable.

We actually have an over-abundance of vegetables from our CSA, plus an overcrowded garden box of J-son's beloved kale, so late last week I pickled a bunch of them and then canned them up so we can enjoy them during the winter.  We've now got pickled zucchini, pickled beets, and two quarts half-a-quart remaining of pickled kale.

When I was done canning up the veggies, I had a pot of boiling water to get rid of.  And instead of just tossing it outside or down the kitchen sink, I remembered the slow drain . . .

. . . our bathroom sink has been sluggish.  My husband had already tried liquid drain cleaners to little or no effect.  But I'd heard boiling water could help, so I poured the canning water there.  Yes, the sink was definitely clogged.  I waited a few minutes (conveniently, exactly the amount of time it took me to find the plunger) and then gave the sink a little plunger "whoosh".  Magic!  That was exactly what my sink needed to run fast.

Which is good, because we definitely need to wash our hands for dinner.
J-son has "thirds" of kale.
That full plate of green stuff isn't a serving tray; it's his dinner plate.

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