Monday, July 21, 2014

My day job

With my husband taking over much of childcare duties, I'm spending more and more of my non-training daytime able to think about math.  I don't write much about it here.  But I thought I share some pictures of the stuff I obsess about when I'm not writing about kids, or money, or triathalons, . . .
 I could completely go all psycho thriller on you and say . . . only three people in the world know what that diagram means, and I'm one of them.  
But of course this isn't really a conspiracy game.  It's just stuff I love.

Winnie the Pooh once asked Christopher Robin where he goes when he's not in the Hundred Acre Wood, and 
. . . Christopher Robin began to tell Pooh about some of the things:  People called Kings and Queens and something called Factors, and a place called Europe, and an island in the middle of the sea where no ships came, and how you make a Suction Pump (if you want to), and when Knights were Knighted, and what comes from Brazil.
If you asked me where I go when I'm not blogging, these pictures would be my answer.

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