Monday, May 12, 2014

Roots (the wenches with wrenches edition)

The boys in the family headed out of town this weekend.  That left me and K-daughter alone to prepare for our new annual tradition, one that she started only last year.  I think she came up with an ingenious solution to the question "what do you get a Miser Mom who doesn't like getting stuff?"  K-daughter bought me three packets of seeds and asked to plant them together with me.

To make it fancier and more formal this year, I went out and bought some lumber.  I think there's something really satisfying about making things with your own hands, and K-daughter agrees.  So I showed her how to use a router . . .
 which she used to decorate the boards with her own designs.  Then I put her in charge of the drill.
Yay, power tools!  And so we made our own new planter boxes.  

As usual, I had started some plants indoors in canning jars.  For a few weeks now, we've been carrying them outdoors to "play in the sun" during the day, and they're looking good.

Some of these plants came out of their jars to make their new homes in K-daughter's box.  K-daughter's box has tomatoes, peas, quinoa, melons, cucumbers, and peppers.  Some of these are still seeds, buried in the dirt.

I came home from church on Sunday to find K-daughter had made me pizza, just the way I taught her, and when I asked her to say grace, she gave thanks  ". . . for all the people who have been a mother to me."

Mother's day is a wonderful day, I think, for new seeds and for transplants, and for putting forth new roots. 

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