Saturday, May 31, 2014

Excellent Ice cream sevice . . . er, service

We've developed a little night-time ice cream ritual in the Miser Mom household.  The boys serve 'er up and bring me out my little bowl of vanilla ice cream, and then we all eat it together while watching Alias

Last night, after J-son brought me ice cream, N-son called out to me from the kitchen,

   "Mom, were you satisfied with your ice cream delivery service?"

I thought the wording of that question was so funny that I told him I needed to fill out a customer satisfaction survey.  He rolled with the idea.

I love how his survey begins and ends, most of all:
Answer truthfuly
Thank you for shopping at N-son's
1  Was the Ice cream good
2 Whould you eat other kinds of Ice cream
3 Was the seving size good
4 I Love you