Monday, June 3, 2013

4 hot dogs and 51 miles

This post has nothing deep, just two little tidbits of progress and happy news.

Hot dog!
The first tidbit is that we've heard updates from the orphanage in Haiti where our someday-to-be son is staying.  They say,
. . . he is a very polite, delightful, helpful young man.  We are very impressed!  And he can EAT!  Lol.  I think he had 4 hotdogs last night. ;)
Since we were worried last month about his going for days with no food, we're now relieved to hear that he's getting enough (and even that "enough" means "a lot" -- he'll fit right in with the rest of the family).

Bicycle Bragging
The second tidbit is that triathalon training is proceeding apace.  On Saturday, I did my longest ride so far in my life -- 51 miles, on an organized ride through our rolling farmlands.  And then Sunday, I went out for a jaunty little 22-mile ride.  That IronMan?  I think I'm going to be able to do it!
My friend saw me and my husband riding along, right about here (on Indiantown Road),
and she made this "commemorative" for me.  Isn't that sweet?

I could pretend that I'm totally awesome for finishing the 51-mile distance in a mere 3.5 hours.  (And in my head, I'm definitely thinking whoop! whoop! I did it!).  But full disclosure means I should admit that I was riding in the midst of total amateurs who were way faster and stronger than I was.  Even the nearly-spherical man in the floppy green t-shirt was faster than I was --- he rode up the 1-mile long hill away from me, and I couldn't have caught him even if I tried.

And in some backward sense, this gives me even more reason to think I'll be fine on the triathalon.  These guys who looked like they spent more time on a couch than on a cycle were just zoomin' along.   So if I just keep practicing on the bike, but I hammer the running again, I figure I'll be okay.  (Maybe?)


  1. You are amazing! I have confidence you'll make it and have enough left over to celebrate big time.

    1. Thanks, Rozy! It's seeming more and more real, the more I practice for it. (That counts for both the adoption AND the triathalon). -MM