Monday, May 20, 2013

X-son is one step closer

Here's a picture of the handsome teenager we're hoping to adopt from Haiti.  And on Saturday we got a small piece of good news:
I am happy to announce that you are officially adopting through Giving Hope Rescue Mission creche along with your contracted VOICE OF THE ORPHAN Adoption Agency!  
I am happy to announce that it's official and you are in the adoption process.
Your dossier was accepted into IBESR. 
Your dossier number is:  XXXXX 
On a personal note: I have never really apologized about the fact you did not get accepted when IBESR closed.  To be completely blunt it was a horrible experience for me... being rejected last minute and then watching IBESR close their doors (more like slam their doors shut in our faces)  I was actually quite the emotional wreck about it.  [More of a similar sentiment goes here].   I was also hurting because dossiers that came in after yours somehow got in-- but you were rejected.  
So, emotions of our agency director aside, we're in line to adopt, legally and officially, one year after we actually sent our giant pile of papers off to Haiti.  Whoop!

This doesn't actually mean anything is going to happen quickly now, of course.  Not only does the IBESR (a Haitian governmental agency) have to chew on this application and let it work its scrunchy way through their gnarly long intestines, but they have to move it up the digestive tract and hope the president signs it.  And even after the adoption becomes official, we have another 6-month wait to formalize his US citizenship so that X-son can come to Pennsylvania legally.

Not to mention that the email above came with a "we need to get in touch with you urgently" message, but telephone and email service between the US and Haiti has been non-existent this past weekend.  So "urgently" really means "eventually".

So there's still a lot more ahead of us.  But it's nice to see this one step actually happen (only one year after we actually submitted our application)!


  1. I think I know him what his name

    1. I am sorry. For privacy reasons, I do not use people's real names on this blog. -MM