Wednesday, September 19, 2012

See the light: faith and garbage

I'm not supposed to have faith in earthly things.  Worldly prophets will come and go, I know.

For example:  Consumer Reports.   I read it regularly.  I clip articles.  I follow (some) of its advice, at least when it comes to recommending things that I was thinking of buying anyway (meaning:  cereal, no; lightbulbs, yes).  And when it recommended "EcoSmart" CFL lightbulbs, I wrote "EcoSmart" on our shopping list.  I sent my guy to the store.  And he bought the bulbs, as directed.  I love that man, I tell you.

But now that the bulbs have come home,  I'm thinking that the "F" in "CFL" is more like an Army "F".  As in, Compact F-ing Lightbulb packs.  And that the "Eco" in "EcoSmart" is a blasphemy.  Because, unlike my previous cardboard-packaged set of bulbs, this set came jailed up in death-grip plastic packaging.   It was at this point that I remembered that Consumer Reports cares largely about what is inside the package, but hardly about what the package looks like.  In this case, a false prophet.

Just sayin'.  

Or should I say, . . . Arrrr!  That's a scurvy trick!   Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, me mateys!  We've all got an eye on this evenings vittles and booty.  Blow me down!

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  1. I have mixed feelings about the CFL's, yes they last a long time, but I've read that they emit something (a gas, or chemical) that is carcinogenic and the recommendation was not to use them in places where they were on for long periods of time with people in the same room, or something like that; AND they are considered hazardous waste when they are burned out and it's time to dispose of them or you accidentally drop one and it breaks. So what's a girl to do? Which is a better choice? Incandescent? CFL's? ARRRRRRGH! It surely is a scurvy trick!