Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Hands Dinner, Birthday Version

We're not done playing with our food yet.  J-son turns 14 years old today, and he requested as his birthday dinner (last night) a No Hands Dinner.

I mentioned the dinner to some of my calculus students, who were instantly jealous.  So I invited a bunch of them to join us.  Of COURSE these students came to college wishing they could eat dinner with a math professor, but without utensils!

The food itself was simple.  Kielbasa from the Turkey Lady (bulk purchased weeks ago).  Pasta.  Corn and Peas ("Hey kids; eat every kernel of corn and pea on your plate!")  The food itself was fairly plain; it's the method of eating that makes the event special.  In case you didn't get a chance to see it in some of my more ancient posts, this is how you eat a No Hands dinner.
 Everyone, young and old, got down to work.
 The future of our planet is in these peoples' hands.  Or in their mouths, or something.
 Even the chocolate cake got the old face-first treatment.
Happy birthday, J-son!  And many more.

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