Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The day after

I have a friend who described the strangeness of life continuing onward after her father's death; she said it was eerily like a stone dropping in the water.  There was the splash, and after that the water covered over so that to most people it was like nothing had ever happened.  But she knew the stone was there, at the bottom of the pond.

For me, the day after C-son left is more like trying to put together electrical sockets and cheese -- the pieces of this picture don't seem to fit together at all.  On the one hand, I've been canceling his many many appointments, telling family and friends about the change, packing up his things.  On the other hand, I'm getting ready for the mathematical meetings that I've been looking forward to all year.  (In fact, I'm writing this post from the airport).

The strange transition from sentiment to pragmatism is something that apparently I'm hard-wired with.  Here is the letter my dad sent me when I let him know about what was going on.

I am sorry to hear about C-son.  You, like your mother, are wonderful in your attempts to rescue those in need.  While it is always sad to fail in an attempt, you should take pride in you successes.
On a separate note related to family vacation; I have booked a Midsize SUV from Hertz in Durango with you listed as the driver. I expect to meet you at the airport, but if not, the Expedia Confirmation number is [############]. (one notes that  the number is large enough to provide a separate number for each person on the earth to rent 25 cars.
Love,  Dad

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  1. Should any of Miser-Mom's readers wonder, 'Just how nerdy is she?' I can tell.
    Last night we went to a lovely restaurant in Lancaster called Carr's for our anniversary. My wife told me about her Dad's email while I sipped an excellent Malbec and she sipped Chardonnay before dinner.
    On the subject of the confirmation number, I said that I noticed that newer web sites I deal with have longer confirmation numbers than older ones. Miser-Mom then explained that the length of the confirmation number had to do with embedded check digits and that there were actually many contraints on these numbers, and really, there were not as many combinations as it seemed. . .
    I am in love with a beautiful woman who takes after her Dad