Monday, July 2, 2012

$145 and the non-miser husband

I had been about to write another post about how little I spend on food ($25 this week),  but my husband came back from Army training, and a bunch of grocery shopping brought the total up to $140 for the week, keeping the 18-week average at just about $145/week.  
Average grocery spending seems to be leveling out at about $145/week.
 But pretending to blame the husband for high grocery spending would be wrong, all wrong.  

Spending per week.

First of all, the two highest spikes on our grocery-spending graph are basically due to me bulk-purchasing food.  Admittedly, I got the veggies and the meat (locally purchased, organic) at low prices.  But still, I'm the one spending the money on that utterly wholesome food.

But can I pretend I am somehow holier than thou?  Or even holier than my husband?  Oh, no, I can not.  

Because even though when my guy was gone we spent almost nothing, and even though the early ($25) spending of this week was all righteous (dairy and locally grown veggies from market) . . . in spite of all that, we must admit that the rest of the money was based on my realizing that somehow our pantries were stocked with food but we didn't have anything to eat.  So we bought catsup and tuna and sandwich bread, and then returned to the store for bananas and sausage and (complete pandering to the kids) whipped cream.  Yes, we had waffles for dinner.  The shopping was all a "what shall we have for dinner?' panic.  Poor planning on the part of yours truly.

But planning has returned. The freezer is my friend.   We have lined up a series of weekly cooking with kids.  Menus are in place: enchiladas, chili, hummus, pizza.  Lots of vegetables, but of course.

The best money-saving grocery tool: the brain.  Time to re-engage mine.

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