Friday, June 15, 2012

A Book to Read Together

Here is a fun idea I stumbled into a few years ago.  On a family vacation, I made this on a whim for my nieces and son, all of whom were on their way to becoming good readers.  This gave us hours of entertainment.

I made a small book with precycled paper (fold each page in half, ink side in and blank side out, and staple several pages together along the edge to make the book).  I also used a good, dark pen.  The title of the book was, "A Book to Read Together".

I asked the kids if they'd like to read the book with me, and they all agreed, yes.  So I opened to the first page and said, "Can you read this?".

The first page said in large, easy-to-read letters, "When?", which the kids dutifully read aloud.  So I said, "Well, right now.  Go ahead; read it!"  They giggled and said, louder, "When?".  I said, "Whenever you're ready!  Just take a good look, and read it!"  After a few iterations of this, I made an excuse to turn to the next page, saying, "Well, let's just read this next page then.  Anika, can you read this?".  She read, "Not now, later."  So I said, "Okay, then, I'll come back to you eventually.  How about you, Janelle?"

You can see how this goes.  The kids were in hysterics.  Here are what some of the other pages said:
  • I can't read that.
  • I'm bored.
  • You have a big nose.
  • Can we stop now?
  • Is it my turn yet?
  • Let's read this again!
It was fun coming up with responses to the kids ("Now, honey, that's not a nice thing to say to me.  You wouldn't like people making fun of your nose, would you?  Maybe we'll have another child take a turn at reading now.")  

This book is cheap.  It's easy to make and highly interactive.  After I read it through with them once, they took it over and read it with one another, taking turns being the "asker".  It was just too funny watching them.

The End.


  1. This is AWESOME, my daughter who struggles horridly with Dyslexia would benefit so much from this fun light hearted book.........she gets so frustrated and feels so stupid when people keep hounding her on her ability to read and spell assuming it is a homeschool issue and not a learning issue with dyslexia. Thankyou I can wait to try this with her!

    1. Rozy and Carrie, Thanks for the encouragement! And yes, even my severely dyslexic son enjoys this book -- the more you read it, the more they memorize; they can practice the same words over and over and over. -- MM