Monday, May 14, 2012

$153 (again)

Have I mentioned before how much my husband and I love one another?  How I am utterly, totally devoted to him?  It's true.

We spent only $65 on groceries this week.  My guy spent $7 at a giant college yard sale on a giant bag of groceries, bringing home syrup and ramen noodles and other snack foods.  I spent another $38 on our Siete de Mayo Celebration, and then $20 at market on milk, eggs, and bedtime snacks.  We make a great team.  I love that man dearly.

We spent just $65 on groceries this week (did I mention that already?).  And then he went to the grocery store one more time to get "eggs and bananas".  And $111 later, he came home.  Just like Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed the masses, my guy turned simple eggs and bananas into gallons of gatorade, jars of peanut butter, cans of tuna, plastic bags of apples, tubs of ice cream, with sides of donuts and croissants.  It's like a miracle, isn't it?  When I asked him how this happened, he said, "well, dairy is expensive".  My sons, their explanation is more biblical: their description (somewhat paraphrased) is "Ask, and we shall receive."

Okay, so really we spent $176 this week . . .

. . . bringing our weekly grocery average up to $153 again.

And the truth is, if it were up to me-and-me-alone, I'd be spending less.  Eating lentils and rice and feeling all virtuous.  Holy, if you will.  Subjecting my sons to a life rich in beans and low in miracles.  And if I weren't here, my husband would triple the food budget, while the boys would all live on cereal, ramen noodles, and hunks-o-meat.  Oh, and doughnuts --- hole-y to my holy.

On many parts of our lives, my guy and I, we pull together.  On groceries, no.  But I love that guy ferociously.

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