Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Transportation Tuesday

The astute reader will notice that today is Wednesday, not Tuesday.  But yesterday (Tuesday) was the transportation day for us.  Transportation Tuesday.  Trains, planes, and automobiles.  And bikes.

Trains.  That's how my husband gets to work and back.  Yes, my baby takes the morning train; he works from 9 till 5 and then, he takes another home again.
Not actually the train my husband takes.
Planes.  I woke at the unseemly hour of 4:30 a.m. in Miami (where I got constant practice with my Spanish skills whether I wanted it or not, but actually, I wanted it).  I got on two different planes, and returned home to Lancaster.  To continue the above song, my husband got off the train . . . to find me waiting for him.
Not actually the plane I rode in on.
Automobiles.  In the far-off state of Virginia, I-daughter got her learner's permit.  She's managed fine without one for 21 (almost 22) years, but figured it's about time to learn a new skill.  And the very same day, K-daughter passed her driver's exam.  Elation ensued.  Then she found out about insurance.
Really, truly a driver.  With a licence.  And a smile!

But wait, there's more.  Here are the boys on bikes.
New (to them) bikes.
Real racing bikes, bought by their dad, with total encouragement from their Miser Mom.  The bikes were purchased used, from a local shop we frequent often.  The bikes don't use gasoline.  They round out the collection we will need for non-gasoline transportation once C-son moves in (which will be Thursday.  Tomorrow).

Certainly there are frugal lessons somewhere in this mix of transportation stories, but I think I'm too jet-lagged to sort it out.  That's just what it is.

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