Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New life

This past Saturday, my friend K. couldn't run with me for reasons of household projects.  My other friend TL missed the 7 a.m. run for the very wimpy reason that 6 hours earlier, she gave birth to her third baby.  We all have our priorities.

I'd had some notion beforehand that perhaps TL might be putting together excuses to stand me up, so I had a back-up plan -- or more specifically, a back-up man.  My husband and I got to spend some quality time breathing hard and getting sweaty together.  We tooled around the neighborhood a couple of times, putting in the miles that will get him closer to being ready for the NYC half-marathon he's planning to do in two weeks.  It's about time he started training.

The day was misty and warmer than it's been in a while.  That early in the morning, even though we were running through a real neighborhood with real houses, we got to see a variety of animals. Four deer grazing together.  Squirrels galore.  Crows.  A coyote (or was it a gray fox?).  A few homo-sapiens, walking little yippy dogs.  But the best of all was . . . ready?  The best of all was WORMS!
This worm appeared this time last year on the SnailsTails blog.
I didn't carry my own camera on the run.

Yes, there were squirmy little worms climbing out of the soggy ground and sacrificing themselves on the road.  I wanted to stop and pick them all up (actually, since we ran a long way, really I just wanted to stop).  I'm a worm saver.  Those babies are getting ready to do their good work in gardens everywhere, and here they were, hollering at me to put my plants in the ground.  "Come on in!  the earth is fine!"

The worms are here.  The robins can't be far behind.  Welcome to our squirmy world, little Phoebe Rose!

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