Saturday, March 17, 2012

Counting on the resolutions

Here's a mid-March update on the progress of my yearly goals.

A newspaper box, still with no newspaper in it.
As in one newspaper box built.  The idea is to try to get my delivery guy to stop giving us plastic bags.   More on this later.

Dinner for two?
As in, two special dinners!  The New Year's pork-and-sauerkraut extravaganza was carried off with great aplomb my my husband, and the Valentine's dinner was sweet.  Coming soon, the Zoo Dinner, which will make three special dinners, and speaking of which . . .


The last of the pizza that N-son made Wednesday.
That's the number of times my sons have made dinner this past week.  If I were the kind of person who writes "OMG", this would be the time to write it.  The boys made sushi together with my friend FF on Saturday.  Then J-son did his obligatory kitchen duty on Tuesday (this week's creation, stir fry), and the eaters of his masterpiece included an older sister, briefly returned from grad school.  N-son was so jealous of the attention J-son got for his endeavors, that he begged to be allowed to make pizza the next night.  And he got permission.  I came home from work to find rising dough, grated cheese, and chopped sausage.  Dang.

The Visible Engine, so far invisible.
(Tail between legs here because . . . ) 4 is the step I'm at in constructing that darned Visible V-8 Engine we got two Christmases ago.  Finishing this, sometime this year, is one of my Industrial Resolutions.    Although I'm abashed I haven't gotten further with this, I'm irrationally delighted by the next number, which is . . .

A curb, with no trash cans.  Again.
Cans of trash.  That's how many bins we've hauled to the curb during these first eleven weeks of the year.    Could I possibly get down to a can every three weeks?  The cogs are turning . . . 

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