Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Un-story

Back in 2009, my husband went to Iraq.  After he got back, we adopted J-son.  This is a true story about things that didn't happen because of that.

Because my husband had served overseas, we were eligible to apply for a free, one-week summer camp for the boys, and so last summer, I filled out the paperwork.  There were lots of cautionary statements to the effect that space was limited, so the boys might not get in.  And sure enough, they didn't.  That's the first thing that didn't happen.

In the fall, we got a request to fill out a survey about J-son's experiences (or in this case, his non-experiences) at camp.  I agreed.  It turns out the survey actually had a lot of questions about J-son's reaction to his father serving overseas for a whole year . . . except, as you might recall, we hadn't yet adopted J-son then.  We didn't even know him then.  As it turns out, because of that, he took his father's deployment quite well.  I did my best to answer questions that the survey asked -- about yet another thing that didn't happen.  He didn't go to camp, and he didn't know his future father was serving in Iraq.

After filling out the survey, and also a follow-up survey or two, we finally got some gift cards as rewards.  I had to laugh when I saw them, because here they are:

Hah!  That's perfect for me.  Because shopping at a giant store like Walmart is -- at least as far as this Miser Mom is concerned -- the last thing that's not going to happen.  Perfect ending to the un-story.

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