Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My people

A week ago, I wrote a post about looking for shampoo recipes.  My friend Linda wrote back and sent me a link to a recipe that I'm probably going to try.  But this post isn't about making my own shampoo -- it's about the kind of people who make their own shampoo.

Mathematicians sometimes like to pretend that a line stretches so far in both directions that it reaches around and meets up with itself "at infinity".  That is, we sometimes think that a line is really part of a giant circle . . . the same way Columbus might have sailed in a straight line around the world and come back to where he started.  (I know, I know, bad history.  But the idea holds).

And so, shampoo makers.  In my own life, I often see my most liberal friends and my most conservative friends looking more like each other than they'd believe possible.  DIY shampoo-ists don't seem to be mainstream Americans.

Me, I'm learning to shun store-bought products because I worry that McDonalds is going to gain control of the USDA, or that Disney is going to get a seat on the U.N.  But I share a lot of day-to-day habits with the folks who write the Off The Grid News.  It's true that they don't worry, "What if Proctor and Gamble buys the next election?".  The shampoo author worries instead,
What if I woke up and my local drugstore was closed forever? If a worst-case scenario came true, and there wasn’t any more store-bought shampoo?
I fear big business.  My sister-in-shampoo-ity fears big government.  We both think small, in the most positive sense of that word.

I went to a women's college so incredibly liberal that we accused the president of NOW of not being feminist enough.  I loved hanging out in my women's groups, digging deeply and honestly into issues that only we women faced. And now I've come full circle, attending a conservative Christian church, entrenching myself in women's groups, digging deeply and honestly into issues that only we women face.

What can I say?  It's good to come clean together.

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