Saturday, December 24, 2011

X-mass production, redux

Last night we finished up the kids' gifts to their relatives, teachers, and favorite adult friends.  As usual, I went for the assembly line approach (that's what I call "x-mass production").

Because the boys have been learning so much about cooking this year, I figured it made sense for them to share their new-found knowledge.  They each wrote down two of their favorite recipes.  We compiled this into a "cookbook" (K-daughter added a few recipes of her own and designed the cover, and then I photocopied the whole shebang).  Then we made bags of pancake mix, using my no-refrigerated-ingredients recipe.  That's where the assembly line came in.

These gifts fit well into the miser-mom criteria:  they're low cost, they're not going to clutter up people's shelves or living rooms, and they are well within the capabilities of the kiddos.

Christmas is coming!  We're heading over the river and through the woods, to grandfather's house today.

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  1. Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog, it led me to find your wonderful blog here! I will be adding you to my blogroll so I can faithfully follow and read your wonderful posts!

    Have a Merry Christmas and an Amazing new year!