Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend organizing

As I was running swiftly* up the mile-long hill with my friends this weekend (*"running" really means "walking", and "swiftly" means "breathing heavily"), my friend TL asked me what I'd be doing this weekend.  TL is past half-way to having her next kid, so when she and K. ran on ahead of me up the hill, I was being left in the dust by three people, not just two.  How embarrassing.

I'd love to write sometime about how wonderful it is to have friends to run with.  They keep me in shape better than any gym membership could, and they cost a lot less, too -- in fact, K. gave me her old Othello game, J. loans me her canning equipment, and TL cuts my hair, so I score big-time on this deal.

But instead I'll answer TL's question; what I did this weekend is, I got to organize stuff.  I love organizing stuff.  It was a happy weekend.  Jonas Kaufmann at the Met hit the high C's beautifully in Faust while I organized, so I think he had a good time, too.

In addition to doing maintenance kinds of cleaning, I sorted out three areas by how I'll use them.  There's the food I've canned.  I shuffled things around so that, instead of all the jam on one shelf and all the soup on another, I've got the cans sorted by the month we'll eat them.  I'm hoping this will take the guess-work out of how many cans of applesauce are left, and keep us from the perils of having 6 quarts of peaches but no tomato sauce come May.

This worked so well that I decided to do the same with our freezer; I sorted the bulk-purchased hamburger, turkey sausage, corn, and other frozen goods into pillowcases, which I labeled with permanent marker.  (I'm guessing my boys won't mind that the pink pillowcases are no longer in the linen closet).  I can pull each bag out of the big freezer and move it to our smaller, fridge-top freezer.  (Wait, it's December already, isn't it?!  Got to get busy on eating that food!)

And then I tackled my clothes closet.  I wrote back in September about why I like to organize my outfits into one-week groupings.  Here is a shot of the hair-doods grouping my teaching clothes into sets of four; when I come back to teaching in January, I'll be ready to go.  In the meanwhile, I've got my comfy, slouch-about clothes in my drawers.  (I really do have too many clothes).

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