Thursday, December 15, 2011

Peanut Butter Pasta

This week we segued from hot showers to hot pasta water . . . so it seems like a good time to segue further toward pasta.

Even the teenagers love it.

This is how you eat a no-hands
The meal my kids request most often is a no-hands dinner -- that might or might not be pasta.

The second-most-often requested meal is Peanut Butter Pasta. Yum!  Here's how I make it.  Some night when I'm making pasta for something like spaghetti, I make way more than I need.  The leftovers get used in lunches and snacks, but the bulk is saved for this special dinner.

In a large pot, I heat up a bit of soy sauce and some peanut butter.  Depending on my mood, I'll also toss in garlic and shelled peanuts (that is, peanuts with no shells).  Then I toss in the cold, leftover pasta--often I'll chop it up a bit first.  Stir so that the pasta gets covered with the sauce, heat until it's warm, and then serve.

This is cheap, and it's quicker than mac-n-cheese from a box (mostly because I save a step by using day-old pasta).  To my mind it's less processed; definitely less fatty.   I like the protein that comes from the peanuts, and the kids love the taste.  I serve it with whatever vegetables or fruit we have at hand.

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