Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big pants

Here's a quick fix for pants that are a little too large around the waist.  At two or three places around the waistband, pinch the pants in and stitch that pinch together along a line about one inch long.  This fix takes probably 2 minutes of hands-on time.  (Using a belt would work, too, but somehow I don't seem to like wearing those; my son keeps losing his).
Seen from the outside

One pinch

Two pinches

I've used this fix on hand-me-down jeans that I got from friends, as well as on those still-a-bit-too-big school pants for my son.  When my son grows bigger, I can use a seam ripper and remove the stitches, allowing the pants to grow along with him.  (With my son's pants, I might also hem up the bottom of the pants, and then let out that hem as he gets taller; that takes a little longer).

Still no clever ways to fix those pants that are a little too small around the waist!  Sigh!

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