Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A song for the first trimester

This post is for my friend who is 10 weeks pregnant but hasn't yet told everyone that she's expecting again.  This is a song that used to make the nausea bearable for me -- better than drugs, and cheaper, too!  It's to the tune of "I feel pretty",  the song that Maria sings in West Side Story.

     I feel nauseas, oh so nauseas,
      And I'm cautious about what I sup,
      I'm up-chucking,
     'cause my eff-ing husband knocked me up!


   I feel queasy, oh so queasy,
   I'm uneasy, and think I might hurl,
   I feel queasy, 
   'cause I'm carrying a boy or girl.


Sing it until you don't mind that you feel barfy.  And congratulations!  Let me babysit!

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