Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Summary Advice

Here's a summary of advice from August.

August 1 Make gazpacho with fresh vegetables.
August 2 Choose many mentors for the many parts of your life.
August 3 Get your free annual credit reports (yawn).
August 4 Compare yourself to the world, not to your nearby neighbors.
August 5 Turn restaurant eating into an adventure.
August 6 How to think about what the neighbors think.
August 8 Use cloth napkins (plus napkin rings).
August 9 Throw a no-trash party.
August 10 Used shoes are not bad for your feet.
August 11 Save charity requests and deal with them all at once.
August 12 Answer "are we there yet?" at the children's thought level.
August 13 Canning food is as easy as boiling the jars.
August 15 Locally grown produce can be good for the wallet.
August 16 Sing silly songs about morning sickness.
August 17 Shopping takes time, whether at yard sales or malls.
August 18 Automate your charitable giving.
August 19 Make shopping lists for children's clothes.
August 20 Bend the tip of the spout on salt containers.
August 21 Bargain politely at yard sales.
August 22 Beg, borrow, or buy a copy of the "Tightwad Gazette"
August 23 Know when enough stuff is enough.
August 24 Organize things by how you use them, not by what they are.
August 25 Question your own lifestyle, not your neighbor's.
August 26 There a big difference between vital and urgent.
August 27 If it's not dirty, don't clean it.
August 29 Use a seam ripper.
August 30 Make a master information form to give to school and child care.

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