Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summary advice

May 23 Be ready to help others by spending less on ourselves
May 24 Avoid costly breafast cereal; eat toast, oatmeal, or hot rice instead.
May 25 Make quick waffles and pancakes (no refrigerated ingredients)
May 26 Save time baking by organizing a baking center
May 27 Where to look for the best yard sale experiences
May 28 Yard sales teach you what never, ever to buy.
May 30 Pay your kids with fake money ("Mommy Dollars")
May 31 Make the fake money yourself
June 1 How to earn and how to spend Mommy Dollars
June 2 Stop arguments by holding auctions with fake dollars
June 3 Teach real life lessons with fake money
June 4 Make muffins in 6 minutes of hands-on time
June 6 Fix heels on shoes with household materials
June 7 Save space and energy by clearing clutter
June 8 Clean a room by leaving the mess and clearing out the drawers
June 9 Keep a house cooler with "pop-in"s and passive solar cooling
June 10 Prevent wilted greens with a damp towel
June 11 Focus on spending less, not on "saving" more
June 13 Turn old t-shirts and bathrobes into useful cleaning rags
June 14 Clean quickly by using a large pile of rags and a small bit of water
June 15 Turn t-shirts into pants or carry bags
June 16 Preserve memories with a t-shirt quilt
June 17 Make a braided rug from old jeans (and why you might not want to)
June 18 Be as cheap as my dad
June 20 Yard sales are way, way cheaper than thrift stores
June 21 Teach kids early independence by drawing on their shoes
June 22 Start seatbelt races with your kids
June 23 Make simple meals fun: the No-Hands Dinner
June 24 Cultivate gratitude by playing "I like"
June 25 Stay with friends when you travel; host friends when they're in town
June 27 Full trash can = empty wallet?
June 28 Pre-cycle before you re-cycle
June 29 Toss the disposables; use the re-usables

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