Monday, June 6, 2011

Fixing Heels

Here's how I fixed  some shoes with soda bottles, electrician's tape, and a dime.

A year or two ago, the heel tip of my favorite black dress shoes fell off.  The metal rod in the heel was a bit exposed at the bottom.  I knew I couldn't find another pair of shoes as nice quickly (even if I were to give up and go to the mall, it's not easy to find a pair of comfortable dress shoes).  And I wanted to wear them that very day.

I scouted around for a temporary fix.  I found a small lid (of Worcestershire sauce) and wrapped black electrician's tape around it to hold it on.  To my surprise that worked really well, and I made it through the day with no problems.

When I had a bit of time, I took the shoes to a nearby repair shop.  The clerk said that a more permanent repair would cost $15. [Note: you can buy heel tips on line for about $6 each.]  Since I had gotten those shoes for only 25 cents originally, and knew I'd be able to find another pair almost as cheap eventually, I decided to stick with my own method.

Bottle caps are not as durable as shoe soles, so the caps wore through after about 2 days of hard walking -- I probably walk about 2 miles a day in those shoes.  I've run out of Worcestershire sauce lids, and I had to switch to soda bottle lids, which are actually a bit larger than I'd like.  (How did I have soda bottles on hand?  Ask my non-miser husband).  After some experimenting, I discovered that if I put a coin in the bottom of the lid before I tape it on, the fix lasts longer.

I've since bought a new pair of black dress shoes (those cost 50 cents -- don't you hate inflation?), but I still wear this pair from time to time.  As I said, it's hard to find a pair of dress shoes I can walk 2 miles in in comfortably, and so it's hard for me to give these up.


  1. I understand your trying to save money, but in the business world that would look tacky and cheap.

  2. Yeah, I'm sure the Worcestershire lids looked a lot better, but I ran ou!.

    Seriously, I "get away" with this because I'm not in business, and I tend to dress a bit wild. Many people tell me I dress well (I swear!), but no one says I dress subtly.

    I appreciate the point. -- MM

  3. some of your ideas are right on the mark....but electrical tape and bottle caps .... that just screams tacky. and so much worse.

  4. Okay, okay, I get it. Thank you for the general encouragement, also for this specific, helpful, and constructive criticism. --MM