Saturday, June 12, 2021

Miser Family Update: ferry nice trips, birthday llamas, and photo haiku exchanges

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Family household.  This week has been particularly rich and full with celebration, song, and poetry.   For song and celebration, take a gander at this peppy picture of N-son dancing with joy.  He and my guy took a trip to New York, where (my guy tells me) N-son was "so ferry happy" riding the ferry that they did it twice.  

While N-son was  frolicking to the rollicking waves, B-daughter was clicking her odometer over from "months" to "years".  K-daughter hosted a fabulous back-yard birthday party with grown-ups sitting in the shade and 6-year olds on a slip-n-slide and the guest of honor in a new themed dress.   It was not a pajama party, but it was a llama party.   And I have to say, the table decorations and food they made were amazingly adorable.  There was llamanade to drink, and llama/cactus themed cupcakes and pretzel sticks that were almost too adorable to eat (but people ate them anyway).  Happy first birthday, B-child!

And that was just the beginning of the week!  We closed out the week by heading together to a movie theater (remember those?)!  We saw In The Heights, and about that movie, I just have to say . . . wow.   There were teary sections (I delegated the weeping to I-daughter, who is much more proficient than I am); there was dancing, so much dancing (all of us, scootching our bums in the chairs); there was amazing singing and drumming (N-son went kinda nutso next to me).  And there were great shots of actual streets in Washington Heights, causing my guy to avidly detail for me each of the streets there he's bicycled through and how the traffic on the roads compares to the movie version. 

At the theater with my family.  I am wearing my kitty cat mask,
the one that drives my husband so wild with passion
he has to beg me to take it off so he can focus.
(Or maybe I just like it more than he does).

During the week, other cool things happened.   Like, L2 is very happy with her motorcycle and is making the most of her new license.   Do you want to see the photo of her motorcycling around that she sent me?   Do you?  

. . . so would I.  Send a photo, L2!

Other family members did ping me with photos, in conversations that were almost (but not exactly) like haikus.   Here, to catch you up on other family doings, are four Photo Pseudo Haikus.  I gave them titles, to make them seem even more poetry-esque.

1.  Car Dashboard

SIL:  Meanwhile in Las Vegas: 

Me:  Wow!!!   We thought 93 was bad (well, for us, it is . . . )

SIL:  Next year we will head east earlier.  This is crazy hot. 🥵 

2.  New York Restaurant

My guy: Dinner at Mr Wasabi

Me: Yum . . . but you can tell N-son he missed my spinach/mushroom salad for dinner here in [our city].

My guy:  Crying 😢

3.  Pantry Pleasures

K:  My favorite space in our baking/ spices/ dry food cabinet😍

Me:  Looks like *my* food shelves!

K:  I knew you'd understand 😂

4.  I-daughter is Allowed to be Loud

I just got to sing!
With the chorus! In person!
At my full volume!😄

And that's the news from our family, which continues to be wealthy in our adventures.  May you and yours be similarly prosperous.

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