Saturday, June 19, 2021

Miser Family News, eventful week full of events.

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Family Household.   It's been an event-full week for me, meaning I've been attending a bunch of events. 

The kick-off came with an outdoor concert in a parking lot, 200 people in B.Y.O. lawn chairs, rocking to a tribute to Queen and Journey. For an outdoor concert on a pop-up stage, there were some amazing costumes, and stunt bicycle (as we sang "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike"), and a singer in a sky lift and lots of dry ice and amazing lights.  

Two hundred people singing along with familiar guitar riffs is a fabulous thing.  We sang, among other songs,
  • Any way you want it, that's the way you need it, any way you want it . . . 
  • We will, we will Rock you (thump)! Rock you (thump)!
  • Under pressure!
  • Loving, touching, and squee-ee-eezing, another
  • crazy little thing called Love
  • Nothing really matters, anyone can see . . . nothing really matters . . . to me . . . 
and of course
  • We are the champions, my friend!!
Yeah, baby!   (For I-daughter, this was but one of many theater related events she went to; she's in seventh heaven now that things are opening up, and she's purchasing tickets to things left and right.)

My other event was a scintillating conference on research compliance protocols, done via an app that used -- but is much more difficult to navigate than -- Zoom.  This conference was to prepare me for my new role as Associate Dean, and mostly what it did is convince me that I do not want to dedicate the remainder of my life to research compliance.  For example, I attended one session on "Data Integrity" that had, I have to admit, lovely graphs and charts that would make any 16th-century cartographer or natural philosopher proud.   I asked the organizers how an actual dean might use the various taxonomies, and they explained in all seriousness that I could help my faculty and other stakeholders realize the value proposition . . . so, that was kind of the end of that presentation for me.  

I *am* glad I attended; I learned a lot about how other people think, and I also learned a little bit about ways I might do stuff in my new job.  So good, but not going back to that particular conference again.  At any rate, most of my week was full of that particular event.  Event-full, indeed.

Oh, we also had an awesome party (my annual Purple Dress Dinner, in honor of my $1 yard-sale-purchased purple dress that I don't have any other reason for wearing besides having a dedicated party for the dress). We held it outdoors in our local rose garden, and the weather was amazing and people had a grand time eating and chatting and smelling the roses and listening to the music trucks hauling live bands around the city streets -- because yes, that's one of the wonderful things about the city I live in --- and I completely neglected to take pictures.

N-son has, for reasons that make good sense but I won't go into here, given his two-weeks notice at the Domestic Clutter Emporium.  We're working on figuring out what will happen after this; there are lots of different paths we're considering and really aren't sure which make the most sense right now.  

And my guy continues to go to protests (two this week).  The summary: voter suppression sucks.  

On a peppy-er note, L1 asks me to remind people that, "With Amelia’s book available for purchase now for about a month, would you mind mentioning it in the family newsletter?" Indeed, I'd be delighted!   More info:

The website to purchase is:

It is also available on Amazon. And if any of our family members want to, they can follow her and her brothers on Facebook or Instagram 

And that's the news from our family, which continues to be wealthy in our adventures.  May you and yours be similarly prosperous.  

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