Saturday, May 15, 2021

Miser Family May Monarch update

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Family Household.  This week we are regally rich . . . with May Queens, May Kings, May Monarchs . . . 

Last week was I-daughter's birthday, and we took advantage of our several vaccinations to have dinner at a friend's home . . . the first time we've eaten not-at-our-own homes in well over a year now.  It was one of the most wonderful birthday presents ever!  The first two photos are from that event.  And to prove that I, too, am a tiara possessor, I add a photo from last summer's "Purple Dress party" that we had in an outdoor rose garden with the requisite masks.   I-daughter comes right back with a Princess Leia-style May Queen pose, and of course Amelia dog makes her regal appearance. 

The rest of the family is, alas, tiara-less, but no less ready for the theme.  N-son proudly demonstrates that he is the King of Shoes, and Y is "Mayking memories- last roommate date to get a Lebanese chai lattes."  Not to be checkmated in the pun-king arena, my guy is May King several phone calls.   And my sister-in-law proves you need neither tiaras nor puns to do it up regally: "I don’t have an actual crown photograph but I DO feel like a Queen in the picture."

May brings all sorts of wonderful breezes and temperatures and effects of sunlight.  Following the April showers, we revel in May Flowers, and for reasons that I don't entirely understand but that intrigue me, L1 and N-son decided he needed to go flower fishing in a bowl.   Want to know how to do this yourself?  Observe!

What do you catch when you go flower fishing, you wonder?  Why, flowers, of course!

So now you know.  If you need more explanation of how and why to participate in something similar yourself, you need to ask N-son and L1.

I-daughter has been involved in a different kind of plant-related endeavor: round three of Sock Madness involved an incredibly tricky two-yarn ivy theme, and she successfully finished the round using a pair of yarns from her stash appropriately named "Ivy League" and "Poison Ivy".  Aren't these socks beautiful?

As for me, the official transition to summer began this week.  I submitted final grades; I dealt with students complaining about their grades; and then I helped to marshal and read names at our Commencement ceremonies.   

I'd actually given the faculty Convocation address when this class of students entered the college 4 years ago; instead of doing the usual "take chances! get involved!" talk that goes with convocations, I decided to describe the mathematical definition of "Chaos", and explain why their lives at college should be chaotic.  Whoops -- I guess that goes to show I need to be careful what I wish for people!  Still, given that rather dubious beginning I foisted upon several hundred people, it was nice to be able to read their names as they walked across the stage or waved via Zoom, and to see the students I had welcomed into the college thrive in spite of it all. 

And that's the news from our family, which continues to be wealthy in our adventures.  May you and yours be similarly prosperous.

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