Friday, June 6, 2014

Financial Curriculum Summer Camp (for teens)

Yesterday was the last day of school for my sons.  Today is the first day of Army Camp for my husband.  Ergo, I go into a much more active "Mom-mode" for the next week or two.

My sons (ages 14 and 15) are too old for most day-long summer camps and not old enough for most jobs.  They also (especially J-son) can get into very unhappy trouble when they get bored or left to their own devices.  Combine all this with the fact that their mom is not just any mom, but a hyper-organized, ultra-frugal, task-oriented machine, and you've got the perfect conditions for the creation of our

Financial Curriculum Summer Camp!

We kick-started the camp on Wednesday, actually.  On that day, per their request, I printed out an application for volunteering at our nearby family science museum, and the boys filled it out.

A glimpse into filling out forms at the Miser-Mom household.
(See below for a frugalist "search-and-find".)
The exercise gave me a lot of optimism about the rest of the summer camp, actually.  I've had my boys filling out their own school forms for several years now (I make a "master sheet" of information to help), and so they were way more independent at this than I thought they'd be; they grabbed the "master sheet" and got going.   N-son in particular took initiative in getting out our church directory to copy down names and addresses of people he thought could be references.   The few categories they needed help with were "when you'll be available" and "past experience".

Here's the rest of the curriculum.  I expect to add in lots of household/yard chores, plus lots of exercise opportunities, and I have no idea whether we'll be able to keep to this schedule.  It'll be fun to see how it goes!

Wednesday, June 4:
            Volunteer Job Application:  fill it out

Thursday, June 5:
            Volunteer Job Application: hand it in

Friday June 6: 
            Time Management
            Fill in a calendar; add both scheduled items and “to do” lists
            Plan six meals (two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners) 


Monday, June 9:  Budget day!
            Introduction to a budget
            Create a food budget
            Make a weekly grocery list

Tuesday, June 10:  Market day
            Shop for groceries and record actual expenses
            Intro to Excel (the fast way to add and multiply)        

Wednesday, June 11:
            [break: help sister pack up her dad’s garage]

Thursday, June 12:
            How to find a job
            Classified ads, online applications

Friday, June 13:
            Finding apartments:  Intro to Zillow and Craigslist

Search and find:  How many of these Miser-Mom artifacts can you find in the photograph above?
A bread jar to avoid plastic bags; a canning jar used for a water glass; a scavenged white-board that we use for weekly menu-planning; yard-sale purchased shoe the size of a steamer ship; a bowl full of potatoes and other veggies that the boys can nuke for after-school snacks.  Just out of sight: in the orange bowl, a homemade muffin; on a chair on the other side of the table, a pile of t-shirts waiting to be made into t-shirt bags.

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