Friday, June 21, 2013

Family (Meal) Planning

After that very long post on food waste, I just thought I'd share two little pictures of my latest bit o' food planning joy.

I rescued from the trash a little white board that J-son had loved nearly-to-death.  I wrote the days of the week in permanent marker.   Each weekend, I add weekly events and meal ideas for the upcoming week in erasable marker.
I leave this out in the dining room, and the kids seem to love looking ahead to see what's coming up.  (Oooh -- this week we're going to have the Underwater Dinner!).

If it were just me doing the cooking, this would probably be too much work -- after all, we do have a family calendar in the pantry that everyone could look at if they want to.  But with 5 people involved in making meals, and with the crazy summer schedule making every week a totally different adventure, this seems like a great way to keep everyone on board (oog).  

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