Thursday, September 20, 2012

Special Dinners: Pirate Version

What does a pirate eat for dinner?  Arr, me hearties, I have no idea.

But we pretended we knew, and so here's what our Pirate Extravaganza last night looked like.  To decorate, I'd bought a large swath of pirate-themed fabric for the tablecloth.  On that, we'd placed "hard tack" (small oyster crackers) and limes (to prevent scurvy) . . .

. . . and bananas (because pirates travel to tropical locations, no?) and squash and onions (these store well on board ship, I figured).  Nobody ate them, but I thought they looked good.
 We added more hard tack (large oyster crackers)  . . .
. . . and the hit of the evening, a giant roasting pan full of turkey legs.  These came from the Turkey Lady at our local Farmer's Market.  Ten humongous legs, weighing 20 pounds alltogether.  Fantastic choice!
 All of the guests dug in, from the young 'uns, to the old.
 Look at this kiddo attack her turkey leg!  Nobody told her she shouldn't try to eat something bigger than her head.
 J-son did major damage to his meat.  He was the only one at the table to get all the way down to the bone.
This was a messy meal.  Arrr!
(After dinner was over, J-son had a snack:  a whole head of bok choy and a bowl of ice cream.  That kid is a bottomless pit).

And who were the scurvy knaves aboard ship at our dinner?  Family and a lot of friends.  Some of the friends dressed for the part (aided by some bling from our wacky dentist):

And some of our friends brought stunt doubles along with them:
 Miser Mom, that wench, stole a kiss from her lusty lad.

At the end of dinner, the children discovered "treasure maps" under their plates.  The hunt took them from clue to clue around the house.   Lots of yelling and laughing and running resulted.
At the end of the hunt, they discovered they'd been sitting on the treasure all along -- gold "doubloons" (dollar coins) taped to the bottom of their chairs.  X marks the spot!


  1. What a fun party! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is awesome, so much fun! Hmmmmmm has me thinking of what a special Zombie dinner may look like as thats what my kids are really into now adays? LOL

    Love the pirate theme though! tooo cool

    1. Stay tuned for the halloween dinner! We'll have zombie eyeballs (deviled eggs), mummy face meatloaf, and worse! - MM