Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A paper-towel panic

A friend of mine came over to help me make strawberry jam last month.  We were talking about money, which I explained I don't like to spend.  My friend said, "I'm a very frugal person, too,"  Right after she said that, she noticed a spill on the counter and reached for a paper towel to clean it up . . . and all I could think in my head was, "Not the paper towels!!!    They're for my HUSBAND!!!!"

My husband is not a miser dad, at least not if you compare him to me.  He spends money on things like paper towels, whereas I use rags made from t-shirts.  (Even my like-minded friends say they use paper towels for nasty messes, because they don't want to wash nasty rags.  But I say you can throw away t-shirt rags if you want to, too).

My husband spends money on coffee filters.  When he's out of town, I use the gold filter I got at a yard sale.  It's true I get a few more grounds in my coffee -- puts hair on my chest, I say.

He loves having his coffee in paper cups.  I use reusable travel coffee mugs when I'm on the road. Our nearby coffee shop charges about $1 for a paper cup; my yard-sale, 25-cent mug is actually cheaper than the disposable kind in this case.

My husband doesn't use any kind of menstrual product at all, of course, but if he did I'm sure he'd use the kind he could toss.  My "Keeper cup" cost $37 when I bought it many years ago; Diva cups, Moon cups, etc last for decades and can cost as little as $10 now.

This list makes misers wonder how I can tolerate living with such a spendthrift guy; but it makes normal people wonder how my husband can suffer through my own oddities.  Fortunately for the two of us, we both agree that it's worth hanging onto each other.

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