Friday, June 24, 2011

I like . . .

This game sounds corny, I know.  If I were reading about this, I'd be skeptical.  But almost every time I've introduced it (to kids, to college students, even sometimes to adults), people have really gotten into it.  So I'll risk one more time being corny by writing about it here.

The game is called "I like".  The rules are, everybody takes turns saying things they like.

That's it.  There's no winner, even.  A typical game sounds like this:

    I like . . . having the sun on my face.
    I like . . . eating waffles.
    I like . . . holding hands with my mom.
    I like . . . reading books.

Now, I refine the game a bit with two more rules, which are
     1) No negatives.  You can't say, "I like not going to school".  But you can say, "I like staying home on snow days."
     2)   Use a verb.  (Instead of saying, "I like chocolate",  say "I like eating chocolate" or "I like smelling chocolate" or "I like getting chocolate as presents" or . . . well, you get the idea of what I like).

We also encourage one another ("That sounds fun", or "I like that, too").

We've played it mostly while we're walking to school in the morning.  This game is especially good for long car rides -- I started it one day when there was a lot of whining coming out of the back seat.   But I have come to appreciate how much this game reminds all of us how good our lives are.   My pastor could point out that we're supposed to give thanks at all times.  I'll be more earth-bound and point out (in my best miser mom voice) that we spend less money on new things when we're happy with what we have already.

     I like . . . playing "I like".
     Your turn.

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