Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making (Mommy) Money

Here's a how-to post: how I make the Mommy dollars.  In a new Word document, I set the page to "Landscape" (you can do that from the File; Page Set-Up; Orientation) series of buttons.  I make the margins as small as possible (about .5" on each side).  I insert a table with 2 columns and 4 rows, and "auto fit to window" to make the cells as large as possible.

Across the top and bottom of each cell, I write the amount of the bill three times:
                        "5     Five Mommy Dollars     5"
in a large font (the numbers in 22 point font, and the words in 18 point -- but really, use whatever looks good).  In the middle of each bill, I stick pictures of family members.  For us, the one-dollar bill has our dog's face; the 5/10/20 bills feature the boy's sisters, and the 100-dollar bill has me and my husband.  To each side of the picture, I add in clip-art about things that person (or dog) loves:  soccer or knitting or bones.

One of the nice things about making your own money is that if you're not great with computers, you can do this by cutting and pasting -- literally.  You could make up a sheet of hand-drawn money, gluing on some pictures, and then just photocopy that sheet.

I design one sheet for each kind of money -- for example, one sheet has eight $10 bills.  Then I print out that master sheet onto brightly colored paper, and cut the bills apart.

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